Padang Island Stay

We have three bungalows that serve either as shared rooms or can be booked as private rooms. Western style toilets and showers are shared. Mosquito nets, fans, towels and sockets are provided.

Our family knows the waves, the winds, the weather and the islands better than anybody else, since we were living here for generations as fishermen, basically growing up in the waters.

And it seems like many of our guests like the way we treat them since they return to us regularly for another stay. We are very proud of that!

he rooms are equipped with cupboards and mosquito nets are provided for all beds.The terraces are facing the sea and they all have a small lounge.
Furnishings made from rattan, bamboo and ruyung come from local crafts.To save energy, the huts are neither air-conditioned nor equipped with fans. But don’t worry, because with the fresh air of the sea and the nearby jungle that are bringing down the night temperatures to 18-22°C, these devices are not necessary. Instead, we provide blankets for cooler nights!

Note : in order to save water, we provide towels only on demand.

Harimau Lodge

Hut of 16m² for 3 persons (1 king size bed + 1 single bed), private bathroom of 8m² with western toilet, western shower and washstand, hot water, terrace of 8m² with lounge furniture.

Lumba-Lumba room

Three adjacent rooms of 12m² each for 2 people (including 2 rooms with double bed and 1 room with twin beds), 2 shared bathrooms of 4 and 6m² with western toilet, western shower and washstand, terrace of 22m² with private living room for each room.

Price for 2 days

→ 900 000 Rp/night/person if 2 people
→ 800 000 Rp/night/person if 3 people
→ 700 000 Rp/night/person if 4 people
→ 600 000 Rp/night/person if 5 people

Our rates are inclusive of : transportation traditional canoe return , 3 meals/day + unlimited coffee and tea 1 tour traditional canoe.on islands (pagang,pamutusan )

The Activities

• for relax fans
• for fish lover
• for fearless one
• for sport enthusiasts
• for those who have legs

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