Gubuk Telescope Surf Camp

All-Inclusive Retreat
Pinilok is a sanctuary in the Mentawai Islands, located right in front of Telescopes wave. All of earth’s elements are mysteriously amplified around this sacred land. Come let go, relax and recharge like never before!


The space

Pinilok is conveniently situated within a 20 minute boat ride from the harbor in Tuapejat, yet it is tucked away in a secluded spot more than a mile away from the nearest neighbors.

The Gubuk is a jungle cottage tucked away behind a big marsh (home to Pinilok’s renowned orchestra of millions of mysterious singing critters). There is a 300 meter bridge from the beach over the marsh to reach The Gubuk, which is nestled at the base of a steep hill that offers epic views overlooking Telescopes and is home to a bunch of massive old trees and your monkey neighbors. The Gubuk was built using trees from around the property and handcrafted in top quality traditional Mentawai style. The high ceilings and lots of windows creates a spacious vibe designed to feel as though you are sleeping outside while staying dry and cozy in your stylish jungle nest. The Gubuk has a king size bed and a futon that can be set up with a mosquito net. The marsh orchestra mixed with the echoing of waves crashing along the reef creates the perfect lullaby for the most refreshing sleep of your life.

$80/night 1 person
Each additional guest $50/night
3 guests maximum

Your stay includes:
•Your own boat + local guide to take you to surf, snorkel, fish, explore the endless beauty of North Sipora and it’s surrounding islands. You just pay for gas.
•3 daily gourmet meals
•Water, coffee, tea, fruit, snacks
• Unlimited coconuts
• Daily cleaning of the Gubuk & laundry service
• Use of scooters which you can ride along the beach during low tide to go explore the island.
• You are also welcome to use our paddle boards, kayak, snorkel/mask, fishing poles/spear, badminton, board games etc.
• Good vibes guaranteed!

Available for additional fee:
• Beer & cocktails
• Fresh squeezed juices & smoothies
• Speed boat to waves beyond North Sipora
• Guided jungle voyage in Siberut island to visit primitive tribe and an opportunity to get a traditional Mentawai tattoo.
• Transportation and hotel in Padang

If you are interested in additional space contact us for info about 3 bedroom beach villa on the same property.

Other things to note

Pinilok’s is not for everyone:
This is a place to disconnect from your familiar world and reconnect with nature/yourself. We are off the grid. The Gubuk is powered by a simple solar system sufficient for the lights, the fan and enough to charge your phone but it can’t handle much more than that. There is no wifi on the property, but if you want to use the internet you can get a decent LTE signal on the front porch and full signal on the beach. Our drinking water is collected from the rain and then filtered. We have a family of 5 dogs and 2 cats that live on the property, they are all friendly but if you don’t like animals this place is probably not for you.

Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner are included with your stay. We serve a wide range of fresh, healthy, gourmet Indo-Western fusion meals. Most of our fruit, vegetables, eggs, meat and fish that you will eat here are farmed on our property. Our chef can easily adjust the menu according to your preferences or dietary restrictions.

The Mentawai islands are scattered with tons of waves. There are usually surfable waves year-round but most of the action happens between April and October when strong swells from South Africa and Antarctica reach our coral reefs creating big dreamy barrels.
Pinilok is Telescopes front doorstep. So we are just a 15min paddle or 3min boat ride away from one of the best left breaking waves that Mentawai has to offer. Plenty of opportunity to get barreled and with relatively deep reef compared to most of the waves around here. It can can be a good spot for beginners on small days but Telescopes is definitely not to be taken lightly, she can get pumping double overhead peeling along the reef for 200m.
If you want to ride some waves outside of our front yard we can take you to Scarecrows, 7 Palms, Icelands, Suicides and Tikus all within 20min by boat from Pinilok.
If you want to go surf spots beyond North Sipora we can arrange to have a speedboat take wherever you like for an additional fee.
If you plan on surfing local law requires you to pay Mentawai Surf Tax in Padang before coming out here.

How to get to Pinilok:
• Step 1: Fly to Padang in Sumatra Indonesia (Minangkabau International Airport)
• Step 2: Take a taxi (or have our staff pick you up) from the airport to your hotel in Padang.
• Step 3: The following morning take a taxi from hotel to the harbor to catch the Mentawai Fast Ferry to Tuapejat.
• Step 4: We will be waiting to pick you up with our boat at the harbor in Tuapejat and take you to Pinilok

The Mentawai Fast Ferry from Padang to Tuapejat departs Monday 6am, Wednesday & Friday 7am. It takes about 3 hours.

Return from Tuapejat to Padang departs Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 3pm

There is also a big slow ferry that you can take you here. It departs from Padang at 6pm Thursdays & Sundays. It takes about 8-10 hours to reach Tuapejat.

• Since Padang is a small airport with not many daily flights and the ferry only goes to Tuapejat a few time a week you will have to spend at least one night in Padang on your way here as well as your return journey.

• Surfers must pay Rp1mil/$75 for Mentawai surf tax at the tourism office in Padang before taking the ferry here. Let us know if you would like us to arrange for someone to help take care of it for you.

• If you don’t want to deal with Padang taxi drivers trying to rip you off, let us know in advanced and we will arrange all your transportation for you. We’ll have someone pick you up at the airport and drop you off at your hotel as well as pick you up the next morning and take you to the ferry. And then again on your return journey.

• We also are able to get discounts on some hotels in Padang so please let us know if you would like for us to book a room for you.

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