South Sipora

Hollow Trees (HT’s)
A perfect right-hander that is one of the most recognisable waves in all of the Mentawai’s. This is a fantastic right-hand barrel which can sometimes get quite hairy down on the inside section.

Lances Left
Long left walls can have barrel sections down the line. Fun wave.

About Bintangs

Surprisingly fun, workable righthander that offers a great escape from the crowds at the left across the bay in slack or N wind conditions. Wont handle too much size, but when it’s on, a slabby, take-off barrel section recedes into a bendy bashing wall that’s always better with more water over it. Can get a crowd when Lances gets blown out, but usually low key.

About Lances Right

Lance’s Right (or HT’s) is the pin-up centrefold for the Mentawai islands, bringing a new machine-like level to the word perfection. At the top of the coral platform, The Office section breathes in sharply, scooping up the next lucky expert who is hoping to be there when it exhales deeply, then launches through the Main Peak and into the inside where the shallowness of the Surgeons Table awaits. Size determines whether these 3 link and if any turns can be attempted. Perfection arrives with 6-8ft of S-SW swell, light W or no wind and at least 2hrs of tide. It’s surprisingly consistent considering the swell refraction required and the afternoon land breezes can clean it up quickly. Dangers are coral heads appearing, trying to duck dive when caught inside and being pushed too deep by the entrenched crowd. Answers are don’t fall, go in over reef to deep paddling channel and surf somewhere else!

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Hollow Tree’s(Hts)Surf Villa Katiet Mentawai $ 87 (USA) day/person

At our surf camp we have traditional bungalows located right on a beautiful beach at the stunning and hidden Katiet island. The camp can house a maximum of 10 persons and provides a Modern feel with modern facilities. The ideal Indonesian atmosphere gives our visitors a unique memorable stay. Our island offers amazing surfing opportunities […]

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Hollow Tree’s (Hts) Surf Guest Katiet mentawai $ 37 (USA) day/person

I invite you to come to the Mentawai islands. Here you will have great opportunities to ride awesome waves everyday. Our surf camp offers comfortable facilities that will please your surfing dream at a very affordable budget price. We provide basic accommodation in local traditional style bungalows, have common pleasurable areas for relaxing time and […]

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Sabbit Ebay surf bungalow 57 (USA) day/person

During your stay at sabbit surfcamp you will stay in a traditional Mentawai house (uma). Located in a paradise between palm trees. Less than fifteen meters from a beach with crystal clear waters and fine white sand. From the shore you can go paddling to the famous E-bay wave, or if you prefer, snorkeling along […]

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