Wave Hunter

Wave Hunter is 70 feet long with 50mm wood planking making for a very solid vessel. It was rebuild to accommodate up to 16 passengers with comfort. 2 private cabins and 12 beds dormitory all with AC. We The top deck also give our guest full wave view front and back. It is propelled by 2 Mitsubishi 622,s with 280 Hp/ Engine, giving a guaranteed hull speed of 10 Knots. You will get way more than you will pay for!!

12 single beds on a comfy AC dormitory with good space to keep your bags.
3 private Couple Cabins.
Big table and sofa on the living/dinning room.
100% cotton bed cover, sheets, curtain. * Beautiful & Cozy decoration.
New big sofa and table on the back top deck.

Wave Hunter is 70 feet long with 50mm planking, making for a very solid vessel.
It is propelled by 2 Mitsubishi 622,s with 280 Hp/ Engine, giving a guaranteed hull speed up to 12 Knots
2 x Genset 25kva coupled with Mitsubishi colt Diesel,415 VAC 240VAC 24vdc

Safety Equipment:

Furuno 24Nm radar
Garmin G.P.S
S.S.B. Radio I-Com 700 S.S.B
V.H.F. Radio
Epirb 104Mhz SOLAS
15 Man Life Raft SOLAS all Flares and Safety Equipment

Speed Boat Specification

Boat : 4.75m long x 2.25m wide aluminium Tender with 40HP Tohatsu outboard and centre console steering
Plus additional inflatable boat with 5hp Yamaha engine for back up
All tech info aside, our boat will take you and your mates to the best and least crowded spots possible each day, and it is designed for royal chilling. Watch your footage from the day on the TV in the air-conditioned lounge as you savour a chef prepared fresh meal, then go on to crack a beer open and laze outside watching your mates get barreled. As the days there are nice and long, whenever you see that special set, munch on fruits or chocolate and hop on the dinghy to jump off in the line up with your hair dry and be ready for the next one. Top it all off with an epic dinner and crank that a/c in your cabin for a much needed night of recovery


Pickup and return from Minangkabau International Airport in Padang (PDG), Sumatra. Transfers: Airport/ (Hotel) / Boat – Boat / (Hotel) / Airport. It takes around 40 min from the airport to the Boats harbour
12 nights charter
Air conditioned accommodation
Wave Hunter up to 10 guests
TV, video, speakers
Breakfast, lunch and dinner
Snacks and fruits any time of the day or night
Water, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cappuccino, juices, soft drinks
FREE 24 BEERS PER Person. This is transferrable – if your mate doesn’t drink you get more.
Use of all onboard equipment: dinghy, stand up paddle board, snorkelling, spearfishing gear and safety equipment
Surf guide, skipper and crew onboard to make sure sure everything runs smoothly
food and drinks
The chef is very skilled and specialises in Western, Brazilian, Mexican and Indonesian cuisine. We have a rotating menu which includes various dishes of fish, prawns, squid, beef, chicken, vegetables, salads, rice and beans, pasta, spaghetti, lasagna, tacos, quesadillas, burgers and more… meals fit for kings – eat all you want. Plus free fruits, snacks, chips, cookies, chocolate, ice cream and desserts to make sure you never get hungry.
Vegetarian guests: Please inform us when booking so we can make sure you are looked after.
FREE 24 BEERS PER PERSON, transferrable between guests. If you believe all of your group will be drinking more than that, please let us know so we can stock up at an extra charge. We also provide free juices, soft drinks, water, coffee, tea, hot chocolate and cappuccino – available anytime onboard.


Any Flight Tickets.
Hotel in Padang if an overnight stay is necessary (not usually the case). There are a few options of hotels located 5 to 10 min the harbour costing between 30 and 100 usd/ night/ room for 2 guests. We are happy to assist with making a booking.
Mentawai Government Surf Tax – 1 million rupiahs (around 75 USD) In cash or on booking together with the boat payment. (The Mentawai Government may alter this fee at any time with no prior notice).

Professional Photography and Videography packages.
Wine and spirits are available at an additional cost upon request at the time you pay for your trip.
Tipping the crew is not mandatory but very appreciated. All our staff members are super nice and humble, always ready to help. To see their smile when getting a tip or a gift is a beautiful thing. We recommend USD 50/ person. All cash tips are distributed evenly among them.
Photography and Videography
Thera a rotating team of Photographers & Video makers that will be coming onboard for each trip. They are all very experienced and use top notch equipment.
recommend you get the image package – these moments are too dear not to be kept elsewhere than a fickle human memory. You will be provided with all photos and videos of you surfing plus all scenic, empties, group and lifestyle pics taken in the course of the trip. You can have it uploaded directly to your laptop or hard drive.
The photo/video package start from USD 200/person for full group booking.
It is optional and need to be payed in cash (USD or IDR) by the end of the trip or prior on booking.

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