North Pagai

>Surf until dark and come straight in to hot dinner waiting for you

A swell magnet and “go to” spot when the swell is small. This can be a fun long walled left with multiple tube sections, but when big provides a “Sunset” like drop that sometimes gets a bit fat and shoulders off down the line.

Thunder Box

On the southern side of Sibigeu, a small bay offers three separate surfable reefs. Like all the breaks on the southern side of the islands in the area, these are all offshore when the other side of the island is onshore. Ie; the rights work when the lefts aren’t working, and vice versa.

The premier spot is Thunderbox. It is a slabbing right that starts off in a wedging peak (which can sometimes even be split into a right AND a left), from there the rider must backdoor a gaping section. Thunderbox is one of the widest barrels out in the Mentawais, and while the ride is relatively short, the barrels to be had here are legendary. Thunderbox needs a medium swell or more to start to work properly, and can hold all sizes of swell as long as the direction is right.

In the middle of Sibigeu Bay, there is a fun right hander that doesn’t get much above head high and doesn’t need much swell to work. It is somewhat shallow which serves to make the wave faces ultra clean but otherwise isn’t a factor as this wave doesn’t have the power that other breaks in the area have, so violent encounters with the reef are minimal.  Expect a speedy wall for a few quick maneuvers and an exit into a deep channel.

Across the bay from Thunderbox is a long, almost point break-esque break that starts with an approachable drop that is generally head high to maximum overhead and a half. After the drop it quickly tapers into a long wall that is the most longboard friendly wave in the Mentawais. The long ride is the most stress free wave the area has to offer.
Up the reef from the take- off zone the swells hit hard and fast. While it is usually an un-makeable, walled up freight train, almost a close out, on rare days, the right swell direction and enough size cause the wave to slow down just enough to allow enough time to jump aboard the freight train. Rides of around 100yds are common when this happens along with heavy barrels. The rider must pull off of the wave in time before it closes out…there’s no cruising into a safe deepwater channel here.

THE WAVES on Speed boat

One of the most perfect waves in the world. A very hollow wave with many shallow spots. Lefts start from way up the point, then gradually slow down as it approaches the channel. The further up the point you paddle, the faster it barrels when you take-off. After the initial barrel ride, this wave offers one of the most rippable walls for any maneuvers you can think of.
A heavy lefthander – Sick takeoff and then pull in quick. Beautiful setting but if you don’t make the takeoff, pull in fast enough, or straighten off you’re on the reef.
Rags Left
A great lefthander that can hold the biggest swells. It is very hollow and can often dish out some of the heaviest hold-downs in the island chain. Usually a bit more water moving around so a larger board can be useful.
Rags Right
A shorter, hollow right on the southern end of Rags Island. Needs higher tide now – a lot shallower after the quakes. Fast, short barrel …. better be on your game. Drop in, pull in, go fast, don’t be greedy, leave the inside alone and kick out. Be ready for the reef and scrapes – fall flat!!!

Mega hollow left breaking onto a steep reef that goes drop bang into a “throaty” barrel. With the holy trinity of high tide, southerly swell & north wind, Greenbush really opens up. And when it does, boom kaka boom, barrel heaven

Macaroni’s (Maccas)
One of the best waves on the planet – Macaronis is not for the faint hearted. Very hollow lefthander offering workable walls and long barrel rides.

The Hole
Starts barrelling straight from the takeoff point, this left-hander can be quite impressive in a big swell. Hold your line or it could be a bit gnarly.


This workable right-hander is a favourite amongst natural footers and those looking for an escape from some of the heavier waves in the area.Larger swells or those with a lot of west direction are needed to get into the bay in front of Malakopa village.

At waist to head high the wave can throw a barrel at take off before wrapping down the reef with a lip that continuously begs to be hit!

Once the swell reaches overhead, the wave transforms into quite a heavy barrel. Focusing on a deeper ledge up the reef, it jacks quickly, with no option but to be quick to your feet, pull in and shoot for the channel.

E-NE winds with a lower tide are the best conditions but at a smaller size this wave can be almost more fun with a light onshore