North Sipora

Telescopes A long, beautiful lefthand reef pass that is out to sea and exposed, so prone to the wind. A spectacular wave.

Scarecrows Just another world-class lefthander that will satisfy your wildest dreams – and occasionally match your worst nightmares.

Left-hander perfect for (unusual) smaller swell, great fun waves.

ombak tidur
Straight reef south of Iceland that is long, but fatally sectioned. Likes more W in the swell to hold up racey walls and the odd curtain call, hopefully groomed by the rare NE’er. A change from the lefts when it’s on, the paddle is arduous if you straighten out on a sectioning set.

About Ariks

Tucked away at the end of the long reef that curves around from Iceland and Ombak Tidur, Ariks needs a big SW-W swell to penetrate the channel and throw up a barrel on take-off before backing off and throwing again. Some days it’s just a fun, smackable wall, but it’s always littered with coral heads at low tide. Sometimes crowded with Tua Pajet locals and intermediates avoiding maxed-out exposed spots.

About 7 Palms

Across the channel from the rarely ridden Pitojat Rights, broken sections of reef hold small to medium swell lefts perfect for wall racing and cruising on a longboard. Consistent swell puller, but often sections and shuts down a bit. Wont be crowded and there are a few fickle, hard to spot breaks between here and Lance’s like Pulau Muko, Rimmau Rights and Widowmaker, but generally it’s a blast thru zone.